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Small UAVs Bulk up Sensor and Processing Capabilities

Leveraging advances in integrated electronics and computing, Small UAVs, along with their payloads and control gear, are gaining improved warfighting capabilities.

Pre-Integrated Systems Evolve to Satisfy New Expectations

Increasing demands for more “finished” systems are driving technology supplies to craft embedded computing solutions that are pre-integrated to greater degrees.

ARM TechCon 2016 Highlights ARM’s Growing Momentum

This year’s ARM TechCon shinned a light on just how popular the ARM architecture in the general market. Now its sphere of influence is flowing rapidly into the defense market.

High-Speed Throughput and Processing Drive XMC and PrXMC Trends

Today’s XMCs and Processor-based PrXMCs offer fabric-based interconnects suited for high-speed processing as well as numerous types multi-function I/O solutions.

December 2016: Inside Track

The Inside Track gives engineers and managers a current and objective look at the events of the military and aerospace industry as seen by our expert editorial staff.

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Pentek's Jade Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA Products and Navigator Design Suite Software