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PCIe-over-Cable Products Offer Cost-Effective Solutions

PCI Express is the only bus that can effectively extend over cable without requiring software conversion and thus incurring increased overhead and latency. That means what happens on the end of the cable appears to the host system like it’s part of that system. Such technology is ideal for a variety of military applications. One Stop Systems has rolled out its new line of PCIe Gen 2 products, having twice the bandwidth of Gen 1 at lower costs. OSS’ PCIe x4, x8 and x16 Gen 2 host and target cable adapters are re-driver-based boards that boost the signal without altering it. The host adapters install in the PCIe slot of the host system and accept a PCIe cable of the same lane count. The target cable adapters install in the OSS 2-slot backplane and bring the host bus to an I/O card installed in the second backplane slot. Host adapters can also cable to other PCIe devices. The x4 cable adapters (OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H, OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-T) list for $175 per unit; the x8 cable adapters (OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x8-H, OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x8-T) list for $195 per unit; and the x16 cable adapters (OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x16-H, OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x16-T) list for $495 per unit.

The PCIe x4 Gen 2 switch-based cable adapter contains a non-transparent port and a DMA controller. The switch-based adapter is used for PC-to-PC communication when coupled with the appropriate driver. The OSS-PCIe-HIB35-x4 lists for $695 per unit. The new XMC x8 cable adapter installs in the XMC site of a carrier board or CPU board. The XMC adapter is often used in VME and cPCI Express systems for military and other embedded applications. The PCIe x8 Gen 2 XMC cable adapter (OSS-XMC-HIB25-x8) lists for $595 per unit. OEM quantities can be quoted on all adapters and all are available immediately. Also part of the new family is a PCIe x8 Gen 2 expansion link board. The unit installs in the SHB slot, or system slot, of a PCIe backplane and extends the host bus to the backplane slots. OSS has assembled many of the cable adapters, cables and backplanes into kits to make selecting the exact solution for any PCIe application easier. The PCIe x4 kit (OSS-KIT-EXP-3500-2M) lists for $466, the x8 kit (OSS-KIT-EXP-8000-2M) lists for $711, and the x16 kit (OSS-KIT-EXP-9000-2M) lists for $1,498. The new family of products also includes a 1U 9-port switch, expansion backplanes and expansion systems.

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