ARINC 818 Continues Success as Avionics Display Protocol

ARINC 818, titled Avionics Digital Video Bus (ADVB), was released as a standard ten years ago and was introduced to the world through the article “ARINC 818 Becomes New Protocol Standard for High-Performance Video Systems” published in the December 2006 issue of COTS Journal. Since then, the protocol has proliferated as the mission critical video bus in most of the new, large commercial and military aircraft programs, including the B787, KC-46A, 737MAX, A350XWB, COMAC C-919, and a dozen others around the world. In addition to being the bus connecting mission and video processors to a variety of displays (HDD, HUDs, HMDs), it has expanded into high-resolution radars and IR and optical sensors. ARINC 818-2 was released in 2013, which added features specifically to accommodate these new classes of high-speed, high-resolution sensors. In short, it has not just kept pace with rapidly developing demands and technologies, but kept ahead of them.

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