Pentek Adds Digital I/O Capability to Talon Extreme Rugged ½ ATR Recorder Family

  • Environmentally-sealed, conduction-cooled design ideal for harsh mechanical and thermal environments such as UAV’s, aircraft pods and military vehicles
  • Four Channel Serial FPDP record/playback
  • Up to 4 GB/s real-time recording rate
  • Removable SSD QuickPac drive pack holds up to 61 TB of data

Pentek, Inc., announced the most recent addition to the Talon RTX small form factor (SFF) series of high-speed, high-performance, rugged recording systems, the Model RTX 2596, capable of recording and playing back four Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) data streams.

The Talon RTX 2596 is fully-deployable and ideal for capturing digitized sensor data from radar systems and RF downconverters that use the lightweight VITA 17.1 sFPDP protocol. It sup- ports baud rates to 4.25 GBaud and has options for multi-mode or single-mode optical interfac- es. The VITA 17.1 specification is fully imple- mented, providing standard sFPDP features such as Flow Control, Copy/Loop Mode and CRC error checking. The Talon RTX 2596 also provides play- back capabilities, allowing users to operate the system as either a receiver or a transmitter.

The Talon RTX 2596 SFF recorder weighs just 18 pounds and is designed for ex- treme operating environments. Optimized for SWaP (size, weight and power), the rugged sealed ½ ATR recorder is available with up to 61 TB of removable SSD storage.

“The Talon RTX SFF recorders have under- gone extensive independent laboratory testing to assure they can operate in some of the tough- est environments,” said Chris Tojeira, recording systems director, Pentek. He added, “We’ve test- ed to a wide array of military standards in the MIL-STD-810 and -461 specifications to assure that whether in a UAV, an aircraft pod or ship- board, our recorders will perform at the highest level.”

Extremely Rugged, Sealed Design

Not only are RTX SFF recorders engineered to operate in the toughest environments with high levels of shock and vibration, the chassis also keeps all electronics sealed from the exter- nal environment. The ½ ATR chassis uses mili- tary standard circular I/O connectors to control RF emissions while protecting the recorder’s electronics from humidity, water, dust, sand and salt fog.

The Talon RTX SFF chassis seals the inter- nal electronics from the outside environment by extracting heat through conduction to an air- cooled inner plenum. A thermostat-controlled, removable fan pulls air into the front of the chas- sis, through the plenum and then out the back of the chassis. Only the fan is exposed to the out- side environment, assuring all system electron- ics are protected in the sealed chassis. The inner plenum can be replaced to provide other cooling op- tions, such as liq- uid   or conduction cooling.

Designed to operate from -40ºC to +60ºC, these re- corders can handle most thermal envi- ronments, making them ideal for UAV’s, aircraft pods, tight equipment bays, military vehicles and most outdoor environments.

Pentek Inc.

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