Alpha Data and Star-Dundee Demonstrates Spacefibre and Spacewire on Alpha Data’s ADA-SDEV-Kit XQRKU060 Development Kit

Alpha Data and STAR-Dundee have demonstrated compatibility between the Alpha Data ADA-SDEV-KIT and the STAR-Dundee FMC SpaceWire/SpaceFibre board.  The Alpha Data ADA-SDEV-KIT is the principal prototyping platform for designs targeting the Xilinx Space Grade UltraScale part, the XQRKU060. 

This new FPGA allows deployment of Space Based Reconfigurable solutions more than five times the performance of previous generations, and has significantly higher performance transceivers that can support the highest SpaceFibre data rate of 6.25 Gbit/s per lane.  The STAR-Dundee FMC SpaceWire/SpaceFibre board provides the perfect development platform, for customers wishing to test and develop SpaceWire and SpaceFibre solutions with the STAR-Dundee VHDL IP cores.

“STAR-Dundee’s SpaceWire and SpaceFibre IP and FMC card will enable Alpha Data ADA-SDEV-KIT customers to develop and implement robust, fault tolerant, space capable communications systems” – Andrew McCormick, Technical Director, Alpha Data.

Alpha Data

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