Elistair integrates unmanned ad-hoc networking from Silvus into its tethered UAV platform.

Elistair and Silvus technologies united their expertise to provide mobile-networked multiple input and multiple output (MN-MIMO) networking by embedding a Silvus Streamcaster 4200 MIMO radio into an Elistair ORION tethered UAS. The tethered UAs provides ad-hoc networking for the battlefield, to enhance situational awareness and facilitate communications and surveillance missions.

With the integration of Silvus MANET technology, Elistair tethered drones will help create rapidly deployable C3 networks, enabling users to share voice and data over greater distances and obstacles. Powered from the ground and flying at up to 100 meters, the ORION tethered drone now provides a combination of persistent ISR and tactical communications to increase situational awareness and connectivity.

Automated, secure and with a small logistical footprint, Elistair’s ORION tethered UAS is designed for extended flight times and austere environments

Silvus Technologies Mesh technology provide wireless communications systems that work in challenging conditions for military and law enforcement and help with video and data transmission in urban, remote, mobile and high-scatter environments.

MN-MIMO is an RF waveform that operates in limited-range, poor-performance outdoor- and interference-laden environments. It is a blend of coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (COFDM), MIMO antenna techniques, and mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) for digital communications.

During recent trials and demonstrations, the Streamcaster equipped Orion was critical in connecting dismounted troops, vehicles, air assets and waterborne assets together over distance. This enabled voice, body cam video and asset trackers to be fed into a single control room during the scenario.

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