New Horizontal Mount Chassis from Pixus Facilitates Multiple Backplane Architectures

Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, now offers a highly versatile 5.25” tall chassis that accepts 3U or 6U boards mounted horizontally of various backplane types.

With Pixus’ modular design that accepts various card guide and rail options, one can incorporate OpenVPX, cPCI Serial, VME64x or other Eurocard architectures in the new horizontal mount chassis.  The chassis typically accepts up to six 6U modules at a 0.8” pitch or five 6U modules at 1.0” pitch.   A divider can be placed to split the opening to accept dual rows of 3U modules or a mix of 3U and 6U boards.

The chassis supports multiple pluggable (or fixed) power supplies in various voltage/wattage options. Side-to-side cooling is standard, but front-to-rear versions are available upon request.

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