DecisionEdge’s CloudEVM Is The First To Deliver Seamless Integration From Primavera P6 To Empower For Aerospace and Defense (DoD) Companies and DOE Labs

Empower Optimized Integration delivers large cost and schedule data sets faster and more accurately through intelligent automation, which cuts work time from hours to minutes.

DecisionEdge announced its CloudEVM is the first to provide seamless integration from Primavera P6 to Encore’s analytical tool Empower for both the Department of Energy (DOE) Laboratories and Aerospace and Defense Companies supporting the Department of Defense (DoD). This enables labs and companies to automatically upload and export cost and schedule data resulting in faster and more accurate processing of data through intelligent automation.

“For the past five years our solution has worked successfully within companies in both the DOE and DoD to bring accurate data into Empower in minutes rather than hours,” said Mark Tillema, DecisionEdge CEO and co-founder, and the developer of CloudEVM. “Their feedback allowed us to optimize CloudEVM for this application based on real-life use cases. We look forward to further enhancing the integration between CloudEVM and Empower in the future.”

CloudEVM is the first to provide the new DOE PARSII CSV export format at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Y-12 National Security Complex, and the Pantex Plant.

CloudEVM’s Earned Value Management System provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office Project, Excel, ERP and accounting systems, as well as P6. For DoD applications, CloudEVM integrates data from P6 directly to Empower, and for DOE applications, it sends the data to the Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS), and then to Empower.

“This enhanced integration using the Empower Optimized format allows our mutual customers to accelerate their monthly business rhythm so that program/project analysis and quality assessments and corrections are accomplished prior to formal reporting,” said Gary Troop, President of Encore Analytics. “This solution provides Control Account Managers instant access to performance data, insight into potential quality issues, and the ability to communicate variance analysis and corrective actions quickly. Compliance Managers use the exact same data in real-time to review data-driven audit metrics for projects and/or portfolios with complete trend data. This allows them to communicate and share data quality status to their customers at any time.”


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