TopLine and VPT Components Announce Column Attachment Services for RadHard FPGA and ASIC Devices

TopLine announce expanded collaboration and technical cooperation with VPT Components, a MIL-PRF-38535 certified semiconductor manufacturer, to provide CCGA column attachment services to the RadHard community. Dr. Joseph Benedetto, CEO VPT Components, announced his new service at the AFRL RHET meeting held November 5-6, 2019 in Melbourne, FL.

TopLine is a California based manufacturer of copper-wrapped Pb80/Sn20 solder columns for Ceramic Column Grid Array (CCGA) packages.

“VPT Components is working towards DLA certification with a goal of reaching QML Q-level qualification in early in 2020,” stated Dr. Benedetto.

Martin Hart, CEO of TopLine Corporation, remarks, “We are pleased to extend close technical cooperation and support to VPT Components, who serves as an independent contract assembler to provide column attachment services to HiRel aerospace companies. VPT has demonstrated excellent skills and workmanship with attaching TopLine made solder columns to FPGA devices.”

Dr. Benedetto added, “There is a need in the RadHard IC community for faster turn-times.  VPT developed a CCGA process using TopLine copper wrapped columns with excellent attachment and pull-strength test results. We are working on automating the process to give customers quick turn services at competitive pricing.”

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