OpenVPX Faceplates From Pixus are Customizable for Supplemental Air Intake

Pixus Technologies offers front faceplate panels for OpenVPX modules with customized cutouts. These hole patterns include designs for airflow intake.

Highly compact OpenVPX systems where the modules are loaded horizontally often have minimal space available for airflow intake in front-to-rear cooling configurations. To supplement the chassis cooling, it can be beneficial to have air intake holes that allow more airflow to be pulled directly over the OpenVPX modules. With Pixus’ custom front panel and chassis design capability, the company can offer an optimized cooling solution for high power and density systems.

The customizable front panels come in 3U and 6U sizes with various widths depending on the solution requirements.

Pixus offers OpenVPX backplanes, chassis platforms, components, and specialty products. The company also provides ruggedization and enclosure customization services.

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