Crystal Group Answers DoD Need For Cybersecurity At The Tactical Edge

Partnership with Seagate Government Solutions provides military-grade, accredited data storage

Crystal Group, Inc announced that their PASSTM SAS solid state drives (SSD) are the first ruggedized and accredited data-encrypted drives for secure data storage at the tactical edge.

Through a partnership with Seagate Government Solutions (SGS), Crystal Group is the sole provider of this leading-edge data-at-rest solution that meets strict U.S. government computer security standards, including FIPS 140-2 and NIAP accreditation. The unique combination of SGS’s commercial, high-capacity 2.5” SAS SSDs and Crystal Group’s proprietary ruggedization processes, ensures critical data protection for our military in the most extreme and unpredictable conditions.

“Our partnership provides a data storage solution that not only meets military environmental standards, but is also certified as cybersecure,” said Todd Prouty, business development manager for military programs at Crystal Group. “This SAS SSD meets the Department of Defense (DoD) cyber requirements as well as the warfighters’ immediate need for secure, actionable data in any domain.”

“Crystal Group’s reputation for designing and delivering high-performing rugged computer hardware that can withstand the extreme demands of military operations made them a clear choice to ruggedize and sell this segment of our accredited drives,” said Henry Newman, chief technology officer for Seagate Government Solutions. “Our complementary expertise enables a solution that supports our military’s current and long-term needs for exceptional data security.”

As the U.S. DoD moves closer to a dual-encryption standard for their data strategy requirements, these drives deliver the first layer of accredited, hardware-based data encryption. In turn, it will be easier for the DoD to integrate the next layer of cryptographic key management encryption for CSfC requirements.

Ruggedized to protect from the elements and adversarial tampering, these trailblazing drives provide both internal and external data path protection, ensuring data is only accessible by authorized users.

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