Vertical Smart Meter with Multiple Functions

OTEK Corporation announced its digital smart meter, the NTM-P as a replacement for the Dixon Ametek BE101 and BE 051 meters. As a form, fit and function Plug & Play replacement, the NTM-P hails from OTEK’s industry-popular New Technology line of digital panel meters, with dimensions of 1.39” wide and 6.6” high, with a housing depth of 3.67”.

A single channel bar-digital vertical meter, the NTM-P comes available in loop (4-20mA), AC signal, or externally powered options. While the externally powered units feature over 30 signal conditioners, the powerless loop or signal versions consume less than 60mW of power, significantly comparable to analog meters.

Highlight features of the NTM-P include an automatic tricolor bar display with intensity control and 4 digits backed by an ultra-bright LED display, isolated serial I/O, self-diagnostics, USB/RS485, math functions (+, -, x, √, ÷, X-Y tables, polynomials), over isolated input signals, a configurable bar direction (Up/Down/Center Zero), and OTEK’s patented input signal failure alarm that alerts the operator in the event of a lost or dead signal.

Under OTEK’s Appendix B/10CFR50 program, the NTM-P is compliant to the conditions of NEI 08-09.

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