PCI Express and Ethernet Switch for use in 3U VPX™ systems with simple command-line configuration options.

Concurrent Technologies announces FR 342/x06, a new 3U VPX switch. FR 342/x06 supports six payload boards and is based around a Broadcom PEX9700 series device for high bandwidth PCI Express Gen 3 data plane connections.  In addition, FR 342/x06 provides 1000BASE-BX to each payload slot for control plane connections with an optional Gigabit Ethernet management port on the front panel.  An optional XMC site is available to add system storage capability or extra front I/O.  FR 342/x06 is offered in both air and conduction-cooled variants for use in challenging thermal and shock/vibration environments and provides a technology refresh for customers using the earlier FR 341/x06 switch.

Jane Annear, Managing Director of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “FR 342/x06 will complement our processor products, including the recently released TR E8x/msd and assist our customers to build long life and differentiated solutions. Our strategy is to make it easier to architect VPX based solutions by offering a portfolio of products including development boxes, processors, switches, and storage with high integrity security features suitable for the defense, exploration, energy transmission, and industrial markets.”

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