Kaman KD-5600 Family of Digital Differential Measuring Systems Ideal for Wide Range of Applications

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc., announces that the KD-5600 family of digital eddy current measurement systems are ideal for use in COTS applications for fast steering mirrors, magnetic bearing active control, shaft vibration, image stabilization, and adaptive optics.

Customers in the small satellite, semi-conductors, military/aerospace, high precision metalworking, and UAV/drone sectors benefit from the KD-5600 system’s host of features. Designed for non-contact linear position displacement sensing applications, Kaman released two configurations for tailored use. The KD5656 (Full System) and KD-5690 FE (Front-End) are equipped with custom sensors, signal processing, analog to digital converter, and a custom calibration system to ensure precision and accuracy.

For optimum operation for each channel, the KD-5600 system has two matched sensors. Input signals are filtered and SWaP-C scaled to provide optimum operation, remove common mode noise, and deliver a drive signal. They also provide digital filtering as part of the signal conditioning to reduce signal noise.

The suite of products is designed with high resolution, bandwidth, and linearity and equipped with a Serial Peripheral Interface Bus for fast data transfers and no firmware. Additionally, the KD-5600 system samples data at eight times the standard data rate. Oversampling at high volume provides higher resolution at the defined data rate, which results in a signal resolution that is eight times better than a system sampling at the Nyquist rate.

Using a 9D connector for reading data, power, and control signals, the system operates from a single power supply with a voltage range of 8-28 volts. These features combined ensure long-term stability.

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