Anritsu Adds Options to Field Master Pro™ RTSA to Address Military and Government Requirements

Anritsu Company introduces options for its Field Master Pro™ MS2090A handheld real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) that address the requirements of military and government applications. A new pulse analyzer option enables measurement of extremely narrow pulses, even at very low power, for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of defense radar systems, while a second option allows the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability to be removed from the RTSA, so it supports designated secure laboratory and field environments.

Pulse Analyzer for Pulse Profiling

The Field Master Pro Option 421 offers the ability to automatically measure pulses as narrow as 30 ns (typical), per IEEE 181-2011. With the option installed in the MS2090A, aerospace and defense engineers and technicians can conduct accurate power measurements (i.e. average, peak, peak-wave, wave, pulse), pulse characteristics, and first and second transition characteristics without the need for tedious, time-consuming setup processes.

The MS2090A’s industry-leading 110 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth and -100 dBm noise floor eliminate the need for an external power sensor for pulse measurements for user benefits. A reduction in the total cost of ownership is realized, and measurements can be made on signals 60 dBm to 70 dBm lower than external sensors. Additionally, power sensors are broadband compared to the MS2090A’s frequency-selective receiver, which allows users to filter out pulses, interference, and noise beyond the band of the signal of interest.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Removal

To address secure operating environment requirements, Option 6 has been introduced to permanently eliminate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities in the Field Master Pro MS2090A. The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip is physically removed from the instrument motherboard, so wireless transmission capability cannot be activated via software at any point.

Designed for Military and Government Applications

The options complement the MS2090A’s existing support for military and government environments. The Field Master Pro has RTSA tools to accurately measure the amplitude of a single spectrum event as short as 2 µs and detect a single event as minimal as 5 ns, for more accurate detection of signals that are short in duration or hop in frequency.

Additionally, the MS2090A is compatible with the COMINT Consulting Krypto1000 Wideband Signal Analysis and Decoding Suite with IQ data to create a best-in-class field portable solution that effectively addresses the needs of the military and intelligence communities. The MS2090A performs capture and streaming of up to 110 MHz of IQ bandwidth across a full 54 GHz, providing a broader range of RF IQ data for post-processing to deliver a deeper view of SIGINT and/or COMINT activity.

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