WIN Enterprises Announces 1U Rackmount Networking Server with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 7002 Rome Series Processor

WIN Enterprises, Inc. announces the PL-8204B. The server is powered by the AMD® 7nm Rome EPYC™ 7002 Series Processor. AMD EPYC™ is the first x86-architecture server processor to support PCIe 4.0.

The device is a 1U rackmount network server with a single 2nd Gen AMD EPYC 7002 (Rome) Series Processor with support for DDR4 memory up to 3200MHz, 2x USB3.0, 2x 1GbE RJ45, 1x Console port, mSATA, 2x M.2 22110, PCIe x16 slot. In addition, it features a redundant PSU (Power Supply Units).

The AMD 7002 EPYC processor features a hybrid multi-die architecture allocating eight dies for processing cores, and a single I/O die to support security and communications functions.

Features of the PL-8204B Server

  • Supports 2nd Gen AMD® EPYC™ 7002 (Rome) processors, LGA4094
  • 8-channel DDR4 ECC Registered 3200MHz memory, with up to 512 GB
  • 2x Full-height PCIe Gen4 x16 slots
  • 3x riser cards for PCIe x16 expansion slot (2 in front)
  • 2 x 2.5”HDD/SSD, 2 x M.2 22 80/22110 &
  • 1 x m-SATA
  • Supports optional IPMI card for VGA

The PL-8204B Server will be further modified by WIN Enterprises based on any of the customer’s unique requirements.

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