High Power Pulsed Amplifier Spans X-Band

RFMW announces design and sales support for a line of high-power pulsed amplifiers from Elite RF. Providing linear power spanning 8 to 11 GHz, the MP8.0011G504828 delivers 100 Watts Psat with 52 dB of gain. Ideal for a variety of high-power applications including communications, radar, EW, industrial, scientific and medical, the amplifier uses GaN technology to achieve excellent gain with a typical duty cycle of 10% and offers flexibility to manage SWaP-C demands for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) requirements. The rugged design provides stability and built-in self-protection against reverse polarity and overheating. Housed in an aluminum alloy case, the MP8.0011G504828 features SMA connectors and heat sink mounting holes for needed cooling.  Also available in a 19” rack mount equipped with a power supply and all required cooling.

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