Kaman Introduces New AMS Family of High-Precision Non-Contact Displacement Sensors

Products are rugged, reliable, and designed for environments from 500 psi to over 22,500 psi

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc., announces the release of its new AMS family of high-precision non-contact displacement sensors ideal for condition monitoring of rotating machinery in extreme-pressure environments from 500 psi to over 22,500 psi.

AMS sensors deliver high reliability and superior performance in high-pressure environments enhancing any condition monitoring systems’ ability to measure and monitor runout, speed, and changes in machine vibration profiles. This helps to reduce risk, minimize damage and unplanned downtime due to unanticipated failures in the field.

Designed for a wide range of pressure environments, Kaman’s proprietary AMS, AMS-HP, and AMS-XHP precision sensing systems do not require a magnet and work with any ferromagnetic target. This innovative design detects target position through non-magnetic, conductive, and non-conductive barriers making leakproof, penetrator-free equipment instrumentation installations possible and economical without special magnets. With an RMS resolution down to 1 micron, and a standard measuring range up to 7mm, Kaman’s AMS sensors are compact and versatile.

Kaman Precision Products’ line of rugged AMS non-contact displacement sensors are IP-67 rated with hermetic options available.  For installation versatility, Kaman’s AMS sensors come in standard IP-67 rated threaded, flanged, AS4320 pressure port compatible, and bolt head style configurations with hermetic options available.  In addition to Kaman’s standard sensor configuration options, Kaman’s AMS sensors are easily tailored to meet semi-custom and custom OEM integration requirements.


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