Lone Star Analysis Launches MaxUpTM, a Real-Time Predictive and Prescriptive Asset Analytics Software Suite

Lone Star Analysis, a trusted provider of leading-edge predictive and prescriptive analytics, and guided artificial intelligence solutions announced today the launch of its real-time asset analytics software suite, MaxUp™. Designed to help organizations maximize uptime on physical assets such as pumps, machines, equipment, and vehicle sub-systems, MaxUp will serve a wide range of customers and industries.

“Lone Star has worked with numerous organizations and one of the most common challenges that we see is the profusion of costly, unplanned downtime for physical assets,” said Davey Brooks, vice president of Lone Star’s Automated Intelligent Analytics Solutions. “With MaxUp, we can now deploy software that provides analytics in real-time, helping operators keep critical assets running longer, more efficiently, and at a lower cost, thus driving exceptional business value to our customers.”

Designed to increase overall uptime regardless of the device or machine, MaxUp serves as a parent brand to three specific families of software: MaxUp Fleet, MaxUp Energy, and MaxUp Manufacturing.

Under MaxUp Fleet, Lone Star offers vehicle condition-based maintenance (VCBM) asset analytics. This application conducts real-time analysis on critical vehicle subsystems such as engines, tires, gearboxes, and many others to predict when and why components will fail. The application also prescribes actions to prevent failures. With this solution, fleet managers will be able to lower maintenance costs while increasing asset availability and reliability.

Lone Star’s MaxUp Energy offers real-time analytics for electric submersible pump (ESP) operators. This ESP asset analytics software maximizes ESP uptime by mitigating issues before they happen, sometimes months in advance. This cause-and-effect-based application predicts when an asset is likely to suffer a failure and when replacement parts are required, allowing steps to be taken to ensure the proper parts, personnel, equipment, and tools are available at the optimal time. This keeps wells producing more, for longer, and at a lower cost.

Lone Star’s MaxUp Manufacturing offers RSC asset management software to address challenges faced by rotary screw compressor (RSC) operators. Using physics-based artificial intelligence (AI), the application provides powerful visualizations of predictions, prescriptions, and data insights. Operational inefficiencies are identified by continually running diagnostics on numerous critical operating components and prescribing corrective action. This application enables users to reduce unplanned downtime, lower operating costs, and extend asset life.

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