DIGISTOR Citadel™ SSDs set a new standard for simplicity of implementation for a full NSA Data at Rest security layer that protects up to the US Government’s Secret classification level.

DIGISTOR introduced its innovative line of DIGISTOR Citadel™ secure self-encrypting SSDs. The new SSDs, powered by CipherDrive™, is the first to deliver a complete security layer to encrypt and protect Data at Rest (DAR) in a low-cost, easily deployed form factor.

The proliferation of sensor and IoT data, cross-domain computing, and information aggregation in the DoD, intelligence, and critical infrastructure communities, are driving a rapid increase in cyberattacks. Until now, DAR endpoint security solutions have been either too complex or expensive for widescale deployment.

“With President Biden’s executive order to improve the country’s cybersecurity and protect government networks, Federal agencies are racing to create and deploy reliable DAR security solutions,” CDSG President and CEO Randal Barber said. “Our easily-integrated DIGISTOR Citadel SSDs deliver hardware-speed encryption and security technology needed to achieve one of the highest security classifications at COTS prices, ensuring that government agencies can meet the mandate quickly, effectively, and more affordably than legacy solutions.”

“We see a critical need to elevate and maintain the highest levels of security for data at rest among government and many corporate users,” said Jeff Janukowicz, Research Vice President, Solid State Drives and Enabling Technologies, IDC. “Meeting this need requires a seamless, affordable solution that works with virtually any system to deliver some of the highest levels of protection available.”

Citadel SSDs, based on SSDs certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Common Criteria (certification pending), lower the barrier to adopting DAR security solutions for those who have been stymied by expensive, specialized systems. Citadel SSDs are available in standard M.2 and 2.5-inch form factors, as well as SATA and NVMe interfaces, for commonly used laptops, desktops, and tactical servers. In addition to helping meet cost targets, Citadel self-encrypting SSDs contain an important security layer: pre-boot authentication, which requires that an authorized user unlock the SSD with a password or smart card before the computer can see the drive or boot up. Citadel’s authorization acquisition (AA) and encryption engine (EE) capabilities make Citadel SSDs ideal for a CSfC solution to secure information up to the US Government’s Secret classification level.

“We are very excited that CDSG chose the NSA-listed CipherDrive pre-boot authentication technology to incorporate into its DIGISTOR Citadel secure SSD solution,” said Kurt Lennartsson, Managing Partner of KLC Group. “CipherDrive is FIPS and Common Criteria certified and its combination with the DIGISTOR FIPS-certified SSDs creates a seamless layer of hardware-speed encryption paired with advanced multi-factor authentication and key management.”

Concurrently, CDSG announced that Trenton Systems will offer Citadel SSDs in its next and future generations of rugged servers, workstations, embedded systems, storage systems, and other products for the government market.

“Our military and government customers are clamoring for cost-effective DAR security solutions,” said Michael Bowling, CEO of Trenton Systems. “The new Citadel SSDs will be an essential addition to our forward-deployed servers and systems for aerospace and defense programs and applications operating in harsh environments globally.”

Citadel SSDs expand the DIGISTOR secure SSD product family, which includes FIPS-certified SSDs and TCG Opal-compliant SSDs. These TAA-compliant SSDs provide a range of options to meet the requirements of agencies that may not need the rigorous DAR security of Citadel.

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