Rugged PL-50240 IoT Edge Computer Handles Robust Environmental Challenges

WIN Enterprises, Inc. announces the PL-50240. PL-50240 is a fanless embedded system with IP66 support, smart venting, Wi-Fi / LTE / CANBUS, powered by the Intel® Atom Processors. The unit provides flexible handling of Outdoor IoT, traffic management, environmental energy facilities, weather station support, and operations in extreme climates such as high altitudes, and more.

For those 24/7 outdoor operations requiring a ruggedized x86 computer that can be deployed unprotected at the production edge, the unit offers a compact platform that delivers on performance and reliability. The PL-50240 is designed to deal with climate changes in all conditions. The PC box device provides the ability to withstand environmental insults such as intrusive water and dust. It is designed with a smart vent that drains water automatically. The white enclosure helps it to handle wide-temperature ranges from -40 to 70° C to allow reliable operation even in direct sunlight.

To support wireless communications, an external SIM slot eases the task of changing out SIMs. A high-gain antenna ensures high-quality communications. Flexible I/O settings, such as a combination port that supports 2 CANs and 2 COMs and selective display ports (HDMI/VGA), helps meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

Integrated Windows Ecosphere enables support for a variety of operations. This feature is a built-in, powerful Intel Atom processor that natively supports rich software frameworks further reducing the possibility of performance loss and making installations more flexible.


  • Ruggedized, IP67 grade PC BOX
  • Intel® Atom® Processor E3900 series
  • Smart Vent (drains off water automatically)
  • Communications (Wi-Fi/LTE/CANBUS)
  • Wide temperature support: -40 to 70° C and Wide voltage capability: 9~36V
  • 4GB DDR3 onboard, 64G eMMC
  • Optional Wi-Fi, LTE, CanBus
  • BIOS with integrated security boot
  • Outdoor IoT Edge Computing

Applications include data collection and transmission for traffic management, support for green-energy facilities, meteorological station support, shore facilities, support for high-altitude or high-latitude locations. In addition, manufacturing facilities with high humidity and extreme temperature, such as refrigerated environments, are supported.

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