A new generation of enhanced projected capacitive touch solutions

The expanded range features water and fluid resistant operation

Display solutions and embedded systems provider, Review Display Systems Inc. (RDS) has announced the availability of a new generation of projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens from leading touch solutions specialist AMT. With a combination of PCAP touchscreens, touch controllers, and drivers, AMT can provide best-in-class, fully integrated touch solutions.

An extensive line-up of new generation projected capacitive touchscreen solutions have been introduced with a wide range of standard sizes and aspect ratios available between 3.5-inch and 23.8-inch. The new PCAP touch screens are suitable for use in the industrial, medical, and commercial market sectors, where larger screen sizes can be easily accommodated.

AMT has also simplified the process of connecting and interfacing to the touchscreen by featuring a fully integrated touch controller on a Chip-on-Flex (COF) interconnect cable. The PenMount K1 series is AMT’s proprietary PCAP touch controller and features through the new product line-up.

The PenMount K1 series PCAP touch controller is suitable for use in various environments and provides support for high sample rates which enables multiple touchpoints and gestures. The K1 series controller also features enhanced noise immunity and the ability to deal with interference signals and operational errors. These features enable the touch screen to continue to operate correctly despite the touch screen surface being in contact with water, liquid solutions, and other fluids.

Justin Coleman, display division manager, RDS said, “Being able to develop effective and efficient human-machine interfaces for a wide range of applications is essential for design engineers, system developers, and their end customers. AMT is a progressive business that focuses on providing innovative, easy-to-use touch solutions for many varied industries and market sectors.”

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