Spectra Aerospace and Defense Acquires Galleon Embedded Computing

Galleon Embedded Computing has announced its involvement in a recent strategic alignment. Effective immediately, Galleon is now part of Spectra Aerospace and Defense, LLC (“Spectra”). The Spectra Group is a newly formed entity that consists of four companies – Galleon Embedded Computing, Calculex, Argon Corporation, and FDS Avionics. This alignment will significantly increase Galleon’s portfolio of capabilities, allowing them to better serve its valued customers and its mission.

“Collectively, the Spectra group has over a half-century of expertise in rugged computing products, flight recorders, peripherals for a variety of military applications, and even business jet cabin management solutions,” said Espen Bøch, Galleon’s CEO. “We look forward to introducing them to Galleon’s customers very soon.”

Galleon will continue to serve its customers with no change in organizational structure, leadership, or points of contact.

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