SATURN, from Diamond Systems

Rugged Apollo Lake x5-E3940 SBC with Data Acquisition and PCIe/104 Expansion

Diamond System’s Saturn combines a feature-rich Atom-class processor-based SBC with a professional-quality industrial analog and digital data acquisition subsystem and flexible I/O expansion in a single board measuring 4.0 x 4.5 inches.   A comprehensive suite of rugged features makes Saturn a perfect fit for rugged and harsh environment applications.  Gemini is built with a top carrier board, middle COM, and bottom thermal solution.

Saturn was designed from the ground up with a comprehensive set of features to meet the challenges of rugged environments and applications:

Saturn has an integrated professional quality data acquisition system with autocalibration and Universal Driver programming support, making it Diamond Systems’ newest 2-in-1 single board computer containing the CPU + I/O and DAQ subsystem on a single board. This 2-in-1 design reduces cost, saves space, and decreases weight.

  •              16 single-ended / 8 differential analog inputs
  •             16-bit A/D resolution
  •             250KHz maximum A/D sample rate
  •             4 16-bit single-ended analog outputs
  •             24 digital I/O, 3.3V logic / 5V tolerant inputs

Saturn’s data acquisition circuit features autocalibration, which maintains the best accuracy of the A/D and D/A circuits regardless of time and temperature swings. Using the supplied Universal Driver software library, the circuit can be quickly calibrated to within +/-2LSB accuracy at any time, relative to the onboard precision reference voltage circuit.

Saturn utilizes the OneBank cost-effective, compact PCIe expansion connector to allow its use with hundreds of I/O expansion boards from Diamond Systems and other embedded systems vendors around the world. It benefits the customer by enabling them to design a rugged custom-tailored system based on off-the-shelf components to create a perfect fit solution. Saturn includes M.2 2242 SATA socket supports up to 1TB flashdisk. Saturn also includes a MiniCard expansion socket with PCIe and USB support for versatile low-cost I/O.


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