IC speeds up with the 100Gbs Ethernet and discloses the new ComEth4682e 3U VPX Ethernet switch

Interface Concept is introducing the eagerly awaited ComEth4682e, being a 3U OpenVPX Ethernet switch that is 25/100Gb Ethernet capable. This switch has been developed for high-computing applications, including radar, sensor, electronic warfare, and network processing.

In addition, to offer remarkable switching capabilities, Interface concept pushes the Ethernet speed to the limits by bringing 100Gbs Ethernet to system integrators, who benefit from a real technological edge when it comes to dealing with performance in 3U VPX form-factor systems.

Based on the same design that led to the success of the well-known ComEth4582a, ComEth4590a, and ComEth4591a Ethernet switches, Interface Concept has developed a high-performance Layer3 switch with 10/25Gbs and 40/100Gbs Ethernet interfaces, ideally suited to be integrated with the most modern centralized systems.

The on-board latest generation’s Marvell integrated network processor can separate the Control and Data Planes by software, which is ideal to ensure highly secured 3U VPX systems. The switch features a total of 44 x 25Gbps SerDes: 32 lanes are routed to the rear VPX connectors as 1/10/25Gbs Ethernet ports or can be merged into 4-lane Fat Pipes to obtain 8 lanes as 40/100Gbs Ethernet ports. Likewise, for the 12 optical fiber ports, they are routed to the front panel (MPO connector) as 1/10/25Gbs Ethernet ports or can be merged in a set of 4 fibers to obtain 3 lanes as 40/100 Gbs Ethernet ports.

The ComEth4682e is consistent with the Interface Concept product strategy and benefits from the proven and expandable switch wire network management application. It can be remotely configured by the switchware web interface, SNMP, or CLI interfaces.

“The ComEth4682e is a flexible, versatile and cost-effective high-speed Ethernet switch solution that will find its place in a huge number of embedded 3U VPX systems, including the ones aligned with the SOSA™ Technical Standard that may require separate Control and Data Planes,” said Frédéric Le Goff, Area Sales Manager at Interface Concept.

Furthermore, the ComEth4682e perfectly completes the new stage of IC’s 3U VPX product roadmap, including ARM and Intel-based SBC as well as FPGA boards. As part of its product policy, Interface Concept offers its boards in various operating temperature ranges, including standard, extended, rugged, and conduction-cooled grades.

Premio Accelerates Rugged Edge Connectivity with 5G-Ready Fanless Computers

The new carrier board module enables 5G wireless modems for lower latency and improved bandwidth in AI and advanced automation in edge applications

Premio Inc. announced support for 5G connectivity in its RCO-6000-CFL family of industrial edge computers. These ruggedized computers enrich rugged edge performance, enabling powerful computing in settings once considered too rigorous to access and process the real-time data required for industrial robotics, advanced automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). The systems capitalize on the advanced features of Intel®’s 9th generation Core™ processors, integrated high-speed NVMe storage, and the latest in enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) connectivity for emerging 5G markets in North America.

Integrated 5G support is made possible through a proprietary carrier board design, offering easy plug and play options with validated global 5G modem cards. This flexible, modular design enables a variety of expansion options ranging from additional I/O ports and now 5G connectivity. The 5G module (DTB-M2BK ) will also be available in Premio’s next generation of industrial edge computers, the RCO-6000-CML product family, launching in Q1 2022 with Intel®’s 10th generation Core™ processor support (formerly known as Comet Lake).

“Collectively, both 5G connectivity and edge computing capabilities bring enormous benefits in applications leveraging machine learning and hyper-automation,” said Premio’s Director of Product Marketing, Dustin Seetoo. “Premio offers high value on this landscape, tapping into deep expertise in electrical, mechanical, and thermal engineering to deliver dedicated, high performance computing building blocks that are making a difference in new, disruptive edge markets.”

Premio’s RCO-6000-CFL industrial product series supports rich expandability to boost wireless connectivity, streamline integration, and unlock automation capabilities in harsh IoT deployments. Leading-edge and legacy technologies are easily incorporated into a single intelligent, industrial computing solution. With more CPU cores, more memory cache, NVMe storage, and 5G capabilities, RCO-6000-CFL models are purpose-built for edge deployments. This industrial-grade solution maintains Premio’s proven rugged engineering through fanless design, broad voltage latitude, wide operating temperature, shock and vibration tolerance, and TPM 2.0 hardware security.

“As new IoT applications and complex machine-learning workloads benefit from 5G technology, a new era of wireless connectivity will push beyond boundaries and reach a new level of automation. Today, computing solutions for the rugged edge must ensure mission-critical reliability and deliver intelligent results with minimal latency – demonstrated by the success of our partners in robotics automation, achieving machine intelligence and real-time inference with Premio systems,” added Seetoo.

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