QuickLogic’s PolarPro 3 Available to Solve Low Power FPGA Shortages

QuickLogic Corporation announced that its PolarPro® 3 family of low power, SRAM-based FPGAs are available to solve semiconductor supply availability challenges.  This highly flexible family features power consumption as low as 55uA and a tiny footprint in small packages, as well as die options.

Packed into the small physical die size is up to 2,000 effective logic cells of SRAM-based FPGA fabric, 64Kbits of SRAM, and up to 46 configurable I/Os.  The high flexibility, low power consumption, and small size make the family ideal for a variety of functions in handheld, wearable, mobile, IoT, and other battery-powered applications including interfaces, level shifting, small CPU cores, low-speed serial protocols, and GPIO muxing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created semiconductor shortages across the industry, resulting in drastically increased lead times from many chipmakers.  Fortunately, QuickLogic continues to have a well-managed and stocked inventory of devices including the PolarPro 3 family.  Because the family features reprogrammable FPGA logic, SRAM and IOs, the devices can typically be easily configured for existing or new designs.

In addition, the PolarPro 3 devices are supported by QuickLogic’s tool suite as well as open-source tools such as Yosys Open Synthesis Suite, making them easily accessible to a wide range of users.  Technical support for design migration makes mapping customer designs from other vendors’ unavailable devices simple, quick, and easy.

“Customers have been approaching us about semiconductor supply issues which are making it difficult to build and ship their products,” said Mao Wang, senior director of product marketing at QuickLogic. “For those who need an ultra-low-power reconfigurable FPGA solution, we can offer the PolarPro 3 devices, which have a well-managed inventory and ready availability for prototyping and production volumes.”

The QuickLogic PolarPro 3 FPGAs are available in production quantities now.

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