ViaLite Adds Resilience to Critical GPS Timing Services

ViaLite’s RF over fiber systems can carry GPS/GNSS timing signals over long distances with very low signal degradation. However, the same cannot be said of GPS signals before they reach the GPS/GNSS antenna, as these weak radio waves are highly susceptible to jamming or spoofing.

Timing-critical infrastructures in areas such as defense and cyber security can now be protected from this kind of attack by installing one of ViaLite’s new GPS Protection Packages. The packages integrate either the GPS Resilient Kit or OtoSphere™ Protection Module products from Focus Telecom for jamming protection.

The GPS Resilient Kit has two GPS antennas, which enables the direction of the attack to be pinpointed. At its heart is the small OtoSphere Protection Module, which has a unique interference filtering algorithm that combines the patterns from the two omnidirectional antennas.

The module can analyze the direction the interference is coming from and feed it into its algorithm, directing a null towards the unwanted signal to reject and reduce disruptions.

Using OtoSphere, GPS receivers are up to 50 times more resilient to jamming attacks on positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) systems compared with having no protection. The GPS receiver can continue working normally throughout the attack.

“ViaLite customers typically need the highest grade of reliability and service, particularly for critical infrastructure timing applications. With the increase in jamming threats, both land-based and maritime, these Focus Telecom antijamming products are a perfect complement to our range of GPS/GNSS signal distribution solutions,” said Richard Jacklin, ViaLite Director of Sales.

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