Supermicro Accelerates AI Workloads, Cloud Gaming, Media Delivery with New Systems Supporting Intel’s Arctic Sound-M and Intel Habana Labs Gaudi®2

Super Micro Computer, Inc. supports two new Intel-based accelerators for demanding cloud gaming, media delivery, AI, and ML workloads, enabling customers to deploy the latest acceleration technology from Intel and Intel Habana.

“Supermicro continues to work closely with Intel and Habana Labs to deliver a range of server solutions supporting Arctic Sound-M and Gaudi2 that address the demanding needs of organizations that require highly efficient media delivery and AI training,” said Charles Liang, president, and CEO. “We continue to collaborate with leading technology suppliers to deliver application-optimized total system solutions for complex workloads while also increasing system performance.”

Supermicro can quickly bring to market new technologies by using a Building Block Solutions® approach to designing new systems. This methodology allows new GPUs and acceleration technology to be easily placed into existing designs or, when necessary, quickly adapt an existing design when needed for higher-performing components.

“Supermicro helps deliver advanced AI and media processing with systems that leverage our latest Gaudi2 and Arctic Sound-M accelerators,” stated Sandra Rivera, executive vice president, and general manager of the Datacenter and AI Group at Intel. “Supermicro’s Gaudi AI Training Server will accelerate deep learning training in some of the fastest-growing workloads in the datacenter.”

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