wolfSSL supports Post-Quantum Cryptography

WolfSSL Inc. announced that its flagship product, wolfSSL, a security library for embedded systems, supports post-quantum cryptography. As a result, users who use the wolfSSL library can communicate using post-quantum cryptography on TLS (Transport Layer Security), a standard Internet security protocol, without having to make changes to their applications.

The era of quantum computing is becoming a reality, and ensuring secure network communication is beginning to appear a real challenge. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the competition for Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization is in Round 3, as of 2022, of narrowing down four encryption/key exchange and signature algorithms, centering on lattice-based crypto candidates. The results are expected to be announced shortly. Open Quantum Safe (OQS), an open-source project, provides these finalist algorithms as a library, liboqs.

This post-quantum cryptography support for wolfSSL implements the algorithms provided by liboqs in wolfSSL, a TLS library product, and provides it as a product that can be used in embedded systems. This allows device manufacturers using wolfSSL to easily incorporate post-quantum cryptography protocols into their network connectivity capabilities without changing the structure or development environment of their products.

wolfSSL software is available in two licensing models: open source and commercial licensing. Incorporating wolfSSL products into devices and commercial software products requires a commercial license agreement.

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