New Pixus SlotSaver SOSA™ Aligned Chassis Manager Plugs Into Rear Side of Backplane

Pixus Technologies is now offering a SOSA-aligned VITA 46.11 compliant chassis manager that sits behind an OpenVPX backplane. This mezzanine-based approach allows for chassis management without sacrificing a slot.

The SHM300 SlotSaver VPX chassis manager is designed to the latest SOSA requirements and utilizes 100% US-based software/firmware. The chassis manager is used to monitor/manage the FRUs (Field Replacement Units) plugged into the SOSA/OpenVPX chassis platform. Features include chassis discovery of plug-in boards, information storage, cooling management, SDR-based sensor initialization, and other chassis control and event handling.

The compact design of the Pixus SOSA aligned chassis manager ensures that the size/spacing does not interfere with VITA 66 or 67 interfaces and cabling. The SHM300 also supports redundant options.

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