New RAD Tolerant P-FETs for Aerospace & Defense Applications

SSDI developed the SFL22P06S.5 to respond to a customer’s request for a 2N7624U3 replacement needed for a space application. This -22 A, -60 V P-channel MOSFET in the SMD.5 package has a low on-resistance of 60 mΩ max (-10 V, -10 A) and a low total gate charge of 7 nC typ. This fast switching device has been supplied to support spacecraft and military applications. Contact the factory for radiation data.

SSDI’s engineering and manufacturing teams can scale devices to meet specific program needs. For higher current requirements, SSDI offers the SFL40P06S.5, which delivers a continuous drain current of 40 A and drain-source voltage of 65 V. The SFL40P06S.5 has a low on-resistance of 50 mΩ max (-10 V, -15 A) and is also available in the SMD.5 package.

SSDI also released the SFL11P06S.22 to offer an SMD.22 option for designers that need to maximize board space. This -11 A, -60 V PFET has a small footprint of .150 in. x .227 in. max and a low profile of .075 in. max. With its in-house tooling and packaging capabilities, SSDI supplies a wide variety of hermetic packages, which includes offering¬¬ alternative package options or modifications to fit unique mechanical requirements.

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