Space Force to Use ViaLite’s Wideband Links for Satellite Backhaul

With their ability to operate simultaneously across the L and S-bands, Wideband fiber optic links from ViaLite are to be used in the backhaul network for the US Space Force’s new satellite mesh network.

The Force’s initial Tranche 0 constellation will be made up of 20 transport satellites, which will send data to defense-based assets on a space-based mesh network, and eight tracking satellites tasked with sensing, command and control, and data transport.

The L and S-band Wideband cards supplied, housed in 3U rack chassis units, are designed to provide wide dynamic range performance for operation in mission-critical military aerospace applications and environments. The links can be easily and dynamically adjusted to further optimize performance when live, on the spot, and ‘in-field’ functional changes are required.

ViaLite Monitoring and Control modules were also selected, allowing for full management of the RF over fiber system, along with Timing and Reference Links to deliver 10 MHz reference signals through to the equipment. Commenting on the US Space Force partnership, ViaLite Director of Sales Craig Somach said: “We continue to greatly appreciate these kinds of partnerships and recognition of ViaLite product excellence compared with competitor brands, as well as recognition of our unrivaled team member design-in support.”

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