Galleon Announces New 10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder

Galleon Embedded Computing is excited to introduce its latest innovative solution, the 10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder. This low-latency, deterministic ethernet recorder can capture up to 8 channels of UDP traffic at 10GbE link speeds while also providing high-precision synchronized playback. This highly sought-after capability can be added to either the Galleon XSR product family or the Galleon High-Performance Recorder.

The 10GbE UDP Recorder is optimized for deployed applications such as unmanned systems, pods, and ground vehicles. Rugged LC Duplex or expanded beam form connectors for all interfaces ensure reliable operation in all conditions. The 10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder design is Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWaP-C) optimized.

Galleon President, Cory Grosklags, states, “Our customers require reliable high-speed, deterministic ethernet recording solutions, immediate and accurate playback, and zero packet loss. Galleon’s 10GbE UDP Ethernet Recorder is the answer to those requirements, and we are excited to offer it to the C5ISR Market”.

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