Pixus Releases New Development Kit for SOSA™ Aligned Chassis Management

Pixus has announced a new development kit for OpenVPX/SOSA Hardware Management Card (HMC).   The SHM300-10 development kit is currently shipping to customers as an early prototyping tool for future deployable versions of Pixus’ SHM300 SlotSaver mezzanine-based chassis manager.

The SHM300 HMC is a SOSA-aligned “Tier 3+” board designed for MIL rugged applications on aircraft, shipboard, or ground vehicles and utilizes software/firmware exclusively from the United States.  It affixes to the rear of a SOSA/OpenVPX backplane so that the unit does not consume any slots in the system.

The SHM300-10 development kit is available stand-alone or in one of the Pixus’ modular SOSA-aligned open-frame chassis.  The prototyping solution allows customers to start development work and testing with the same base code as the SHM300 HMC.

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