DT Research Enhances 6-inch and 8-inch Rugged Tablets with Built-in 60-foot Range Barcode Scanners and Windows® 11 IoT Enterprise.

DT Research announced the company’s DT362GL (6-inch) and DT382GL (8-inch) rugged tablets had been enhanced with built-in 60-foot range Barcode Scanners in addition to 30-foot range Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID readers to continue to deliver cutting-edge long-range asset verification and tracking capabilities. The DT362GL and DT382GL handhelds now run the Microsoft® Windows® 11 IoT Enterprise operating system, which enables a seamless field-to-office asset management experience.

“While the use of RFID tags continues to grow, barcode scanning remains a favored tool for asset tracking because of the lower cost, high reliability in a broader set of environments, and the ability to identify a specific serial number on an item within a pallet or container,” said Daw Tsai, President of DT Research. “Therefore, many organizations use barcodes and RFID tags during asset tracking and inventory management processes. These enhanced DT362GL and DT382GL rugged tablets provide our customers with a comprehensive long-range asset tracking solution within a compact, durable, yet robust mobile device running the latest Windows® OS.”

Long Range Barcode Scanning

The barcode scanners built into the DT362GL and DT382GL rugged tablets have special scan engines that enable them to read 1D and 2D barcodes up to 60 feet away. Asset tags can be located 30-40 feet from the ground or in hard-to-reach areas in utility, military, and other warehouse environments. The 60-foot range barcode scanner saves users time and improves worker safety by eliminating the need to climb ladders and crawl over equipment.


The DT362GL and DT382GL rugged tablets include an optional embedded UHF RFID module powered by Jadak ThingMagic technology. UHF RFID readers have many uses, from inventory and equipment management without manual data entry to locating underground infrastructure assets such as gas pipelines and sewer lines, enabling secure access verification within 16 feet or up to a 30-foot range using an external pistol grip antenna.

“Our customers have told us that asset verification and visibility is essential to them, but it can be labor intensive, time-consuming, and expensive,” said Rob Droppa, GM Government Solutions. “Studies have shown it can take up to five minutes to capture all the information necessary to verify an asset in a warehouse or the field, and errors in data entry cost about $300 on average to correct. But by using our purpose-built, Windows® powered mobile devices to scan barcodes and read RFID tags at long ranges; it’s possible to capture the information of multiple assets within seconds and significantly improve the accuracy of the data captured.”

The DT362GL and DT382GL fanless handhelds are IP65-rated and MIL-STD-810G to deliver reliable operation in harsh and mission-critical environments with a hot-swappable battery pack that enables continuous operation. These rugged handhelds offer seamless information capture and transmission in secure and non-secure environments through barcode scanning, UHF RFID, smart card readers, dedicated GNSS modules, and cameras. Indoor and outdoor viewing is possible through high-barred capacitive touch screens.

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