Red Cat Holdings CEO to Visit NATO Countries for Talks on Military Drone Support for Ukraine

The New Teal 2 drone’s world-leading night-vision capability can help Ukraine counter Russian forces when they’re most active – after dark.

Red Cat Holdings, Inc., a military technology company integrating robotic hardware and software to protect and support the warfighter, announces that a delegation, including CEO Jeff Thompson, will visit NATO countries this week to discuss military drone support for Ukrainian forces.

Thompson will meet with NATO leaders to demonstrate the Teal 2, a new military-grade drone from Red Cat subsidiary Teal Drones. Currently available to first-adopter customers and expected to launch in Q2 2023 officially, Teal 2 is designed to “Dominate the Night™” and will be the world-leading drone solution for night-time operations.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Ukrainian forces “lack enough drones to spot targets and direct artillery – especially more-expensive models with night-vision cameras that would allow them to work in the dark when the Russians seek to creep forward.”

“In Ukraine and elsewhere, most military operations occur at night, and the Teal 2 gives warfighters exactly the solution they need,” said Thompson. “Teal 2 is the first drone to integrate the world’s best new night-time drone camera – next-generation thermal-imaging technology from Teledyne FLIR. We’ve partnered with industry leaders, such as Tomahawk Robotics, Reveal Technology, and Immervision, to offer additional game-changing drone capabilities. These include multi-vehicle control, 3D mapping, and object detection.”

Red Cat has already filled an order from U.S. Customs and Border Protection for 54 units of the Teal 2. The drones will provide supplemental airborne reconnaissance, surveillance, and tracking capability to enhance situational awareness for U.S. field commanders and agents.

In Ukraine, Red Cat’s previous contributions include filling an order from a NATO member country for 15 units of a different military drone, the Golden Eagle, for deployment to Ukrainian forces.

“Red Cat wants to do all we can to get the Ukrainian warfighter the best and latest American technology that allows them to dominate the night, and that’s why I’m meeting with European military decision-makers this week,” Thompson said.

Teal is one of only three drone manufacturers invited to participate in the U.S. Army’s Short Range Reconnaissance Tranche 2 (SRR T2). The SRR T2 program seeks to deliver a portable small uncrewed aerial system (sUAS) that can be used by army platoons for surveillance and reconnaissance duties, as well as to improve situational awareness. Teal is certified as “Blue UAS,” which designates manufacturers authorized to provide equipment to the U.S. military.

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