Announcing the release of “vintage” Windows images

ARS Technologies are releasing two older Windows release images:

  • Windows 98 SE (second edition) –
  • Windows ME (millennium edition) –
  • both Windows 98 SE & Windows ME –

These operating systems were a product of Microsoft. They are no longer sold or maintained by Microsoft.

No longer can modern computer hardware install and boot older Windows operating systems.

However, these images are booted and used under dosbox-x environment as a “guest” operating system, under a modern Windows, Mac OS, or Linux 64bit “host” operating system. Documentation on dosbox-x –

Before installing and using these older operating systems images, the Users confirm that they previously owned a legal copy of an older operating system by Microsoft.

The current use may be considered as a replacement.

Image details:

  • Windows 98 SE – size 250MB
  • Windows ME – size 1GB

Supports loading and running of:

  • 16bit DOS applications and drivers
  • 16bit Windows 3.1, 3.11 applications and drivers
  • 32bit applications with direct access to i/o ports
  • 32bit applications with .vxd type of drivers
  • 32bit applications with .sys type of drivers, with .inf install

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