Collins Aerospace announces next-generation flight tracking solution OpsCore™ Flight Tracking provides users with position and enhanced data in real-time

Collins Aerospace announced the release of a cloud-based solution to increase airline efficiency and sustainability. OpsCore Flight Tracking, powered by FlightAware, provides precise flight tracking for real-time decision-making, which in turn facilitates the reduction of excess fuel consumption, potentially lowering costs and environmental impact.

“OpsCore Flight Tracking is designed to assist airlines with meeting the ICAO Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) requirements for flight tracking, meeting the operational needs of airlines, and better serving their passengers,” said Perry Wright, associate director for Value Stream Management at Collins Aerospace. “It gives dispatchers and operation managers the data needed to mitigate disruptions, optimize the operation, and give passengers a more seamless travel experience.”

Using FlightAware’s Firehose API feed, OpsCore Flight Tracking delivers up-to-date flight position data and provides enhanced flight status information. FlightAware Foresight™ predictive analytics will be integrated into the flight tracking capabilities of OpsCore in 2023, bringing yet another level of analysis and awareness.

Supporting commercial airlines, business aviation, and future military markets, OpsCore Flight Tracking integrates with other Collins applications and services, improving the user experience.

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