AirBorn Introduces The SInergy ® Family of Connectors.

AirBorn launches its all-new SInergy ® line of interconnects. Sinergy ® offers OEMs a mini-modular hybrid solution in 1-5 configurable bays. With speeds up to 25Gbps per lane or 75Gbps aggregate bidi bandwidth, SInergy meets requirements for XAUI, USB 3.0, PCIe Gen 3/4, SAS-3/4, and Ethernet (10G/25G per lane) applications. Exemplifying mil-grade resilience, high-speed, high-density SInergy connectors are tested & qualified based on MIL-DTL-83513 performance requirements.

SInergy’s modularity means OEMs have multiple signal-carrying options in any signal or SMPM RF interface configuration in one to five bays. SInergy’s ruggedness, beginning with the contact system design and extending to the metal shell, means it can handle a very rough ride on Earth or in space.

William Rhea, AirBorn’s Sr. Product Manager, describes SInergy ® as “A high-speed connector family with speeds up to 25Gbps. With its single-piece, four points-of-contact design, SInergy’s extreme durability makes it ideal for demanding mil-aero, space, and industrial environments where complete reliability is essential for success.”

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