BLOOMY® Announces the midUTSTM Electronics Functional Test System

Diverse Robotics and Autonomous Systems Test Applications Economically Solved by the Latest Universal Test System from BLOOMY

Bloomy Controls, Inc. announces the newest member to its Universal Test System (UTSTM) product family, the midUTSTM Electronics Functional Test System. Combining benchtop portability with powerful test functionality, the midUTS is BLOOMY’s response to the extremely fast-paced technology evolution and commercialization of robotics and autonomous systems design and manufacturing.

The midUTS combines high-performance, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) instruments with BLOOMY’s signal-routing PCBAs, a built-in or USB-connected PC, and a pair of high-integrity, production-grade cables connected to an adjacent benchtop fixture, creating an extremely flexible yet cost-effective solution for testing a wide variety of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs).

The new midUTS is ideally suited for the following:

  • Robotics and autonomous systems test
  • PCBA and subassembly functional test
  • Engineering development, manufacturing, quality assurance, and repair depot testing
  • Electronic product OEM, CM, and EMS firms
  • Applications that require transporting and sharing test assets among multiple stakeholders
  • Applications with typical units under test (UUTs) that include robotic and autonomous vehicle controls, computers, and sensors

A key feature of the midUTS is its ability to rapidly automate sequences of functional tests using NI TestStand and BLOOMY’s EFT Module. Available on all of BLOOMY’s UTSTM family of electronics functional test systems, the EFT Module for TestStand helps you intuitively develop test sequences from the perspective of the UUT instead of the test equipment, dramatically reducing development time.

This balance between powerful features and affordable cost allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to automate earlier in the product development lifecycle, substantially increasing product quality and minimizing time to market. Robotics and autonomous systems manufacturers – often facing rapid technology changes and intense timeline pressures – can efficiently standardize on the midUTS for streamlining benchtop PCBA bring-up during product development, manufacturing functional testing of PCBAs and sub-assemblies, and conducting diagnostic testing.

Additionally, the portability of the new midUTS makes it easily transported to multiple areas of a factory or readily handed off from OEM to a contract manufacturer (CM). The result is a single system that spans the diverse needs of several product development and manufacturing phases, offering substantial economic and maintenance benefits.

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