The ultimate maritime security and special forces RHIB, the Zodiac Hurricane, is built for situations where mission failure is not an option.

The ability to communicate loud and clear at top speed while exposed to extreme wind and climate conditions is paramount to mission success.

The INVISIO Intercom enables clear communication with the boat crew and central command and operates seamlessly with connected devices onboard. It is submersible until 2 meters, MIL-SPEC compliant, and can withstand harsh operating environments.

Team members can access all boat communication directly from their INVISIO personal system (control unit and headset). This allows for safe and seamless inter-group communication and connection to onboard devices.

The INVISIO Intercom System delivered the best speech clarity and intelligibility results ever heard on a maritime vessel going 63-64 knots, 118 KPH, or 74 MPH into a direct headwind!

The INVISIO Intercom

The INVISIO Intercom System bridges the gap between the mounted and dismounted team members, making it possible for multiple users and radios to connect simultaneously using their existing dismounted personal communication system.

The user can access all vehicle communications directly from their INVISIO control unit, so there is no need to disconnect or connect other equipment when entering or exiting a vehicle. This allows for a safe and seamless connection to the vehicle intercom system.

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