AXTAL Rackmount System Provides Very High Stability, Very Low Noise 10MHz Frequency References and Distribution Amplifiers

Q-Tech Corporation, a leading global supplier of space-qualified crystal oscillators and high-performance frequency control systems, announces the availability of the AXTAL AX9000 series. This series offers 10 MHz ultra-low noise frequency references with very high OCXO, GPS-disciplined OCXO, or Rubidium stability down to 10 -13.

The AXTAL distribution amplifier series AXDA9000 allows ultra-low noise and low jitter distribution of the 10 MHz and 1PPS reference signals. Stand-alone or combined systems are used in various complex systems, including atomic clocks, time servers, frequency combs, etc.

The frequency references AXIOM9000 (OCXO), AXGPS9000 (GPS-disciplined OCXO), and AXRB9000 (Rubidium), as well as the distribution amplifiers AXDA9000/9100, are all packaged in 1U, 19-inch rack units. The Ultra-Low Noise Distribution Amplifier AXDA9000 provides up to 16 fully isolated 10 MHz outputs, and the AXDA9100 is its counterpart for very low jitter 1PPS distribution.

“Unlike other distribution amplifiers in this class, the AXDA9000 is a selective and not a broadband amplifier, resulting in lower phase noise,” said Henry Halang, AXTAL’s Managing Director. “Combined with the supreme AX9000 frequency references, these units are an exceptional solution to a range of applications requiring multiple, isolated, accurate, and stable timing sources.”

“The Acquisition of AXTAL has added significantly to the range of frequency control products we offer,” said Scott Sentz, Q-Tech’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Products like the AXIOM9000 and AXDA9000 are an example of AXTAL’s system integration expertise.”

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