Tektronix Showcasing Feasibility of Early PCIe Gen7 Transceivers and the Ability to Test a Gen6 Receiver with Link Training Abilities

Tektronix, Inc. will be conducting three PCI Express product demonstrations. Two Tektronix demos will showcase the feasibility of early PCIe Gen7 (128 GT/s PAM4) transceivers, and the third demo will highlight the ability to test a Gen6 (64 GT/s PAM4) receiver with

controller (link training) abilities. With the early stages of development for the PCI Express 7.0 Base specification, these cutting-edge Tektronix demonstrations will indicate the circuit readiness and path toward the future of measurement methodologies.

As shown in the demonstration, the Tektronix DPO70000SX scope and PAMJET (analysis software) are currently used for early PCIe Gen7 measurements with industry partners Cadence and Synopsys

. Tek’s technology makes it possible to complete 64 GT/s Tx measurements for eye diagrams, SNDR, RLM, and Uncorrelated Jitter. These capabilities allow IP companies the tools to characterize their High-Speed SERDES targeted at PCI Express 7.0 before the specification has reached any level of significant maturity. The capabilities from Tektronix and partnerships with industry IP providers provide much-needed direction for the industry and will help guide the development of measurement methods moving forward.

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