AdaCore Announces GNAT Pro for Rust

AdaCore announced the early-access availability of GNAT Pro for Rust. For the the first time, AdaCore’s GNAT Pro subscribers will be able to develop safety- and security-certifiable embedded applications using Rust while benefiting from the stability, security, dependability and support customers have come to expect from AdaCore.

Interest in and usage of Rust is growing in industrial applications. However, safety- and security-critical markets, such as aerospace, defense, and automotive, face significant obstacles preventing the adoption of Rust for developing certifiable software. These critical barriers include the rapid evolution of the Rust language, its associated tooling, its runtime environment, and the need for commercial guarantees of its software supply chain. Moreover, developers in this field require industrial-grade support tailored to the needs of the safety- and security-critical industry for the Rust language and tools, long-term support for selected toolchain versions, and general support for a broader range of embedded platforms.

GNAT Pro for Rust addresses each of these barriers head-on. With GNAT Pro for Rust, customers won’t have to worry about the unanticipated evolution of the language. The platform offers yearly updates to the Rust programming language and its associated tools, aligning with the update cadence of the other programming languages supported by GNAT Pro.

GNAT Pro for Rust also offers extensive support for a wide range of embedded platforms, catering to the specific needs of security- and safety-critical applications. GNAT Pro for Rust is an industrial-grade toolchain with guaranteed software supply chain integrity.

Rust support is also offered through GNAT Pro Assurance, which provides long-term support via sustained branches for the complete toolchain for as long as customers require. Lastly, every GNAT Pro subscription comes with AdaCore’s best-in-class professional support, connecting customers directly with the experts who develop and maintain the product.

Quentin Ochem, Chief Product Officer at AdaCore, stated, “Our customers have expressed a strong desire to use Rust but have been unable to do so due to the limitations of existing Rust toolchains. This is particularly true in certifiable security- and safety-critical embedded software. GNAT Pro for Rust addresses these concerns by removing the key barriers that have hindered the adoption of Rust. With GNAT Pro for Rust, our customers can confidently embrace Rust and move forward, equipped with the necessary tools for success”.

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