Navistar Defense, LLC announced an award from the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) for the prototype phase of the Common Tactical Truck (CTT) program for the U.S. Army’s PM Transportation Systems and PEO Combat Support / Combat Service Support (PEO CS/CSS).

“As an industry leader in Militarized Commercial Off-the-Shelf vehicles, Navistar Defense is strongly positioned to meet the CTT program’s mission goals of combining commerciality, commonality, and capability at the best value for the U.S. taxpayer,” said Ted Wright, chief executive officer, Navistar Defense.

Navistar Defense’s heritage traces back to the proven design, manufacturing, and logistics support of commercial trucks. This enables the company to combine the best of commercial and military capabilities, offering capable, cost-effective, low-risk solutions with a strong commercial lineage.

“Navistar Defense is uniquely capable of balancing the Army’s force protection, survivability, and mission readiness requirements while leveraging the commercial industry’s rapidly advancing technological capabilities,” added Wright. “Our superior platforms are scalable to meet most of the Army’s Tactical Wheeled Vehicles vehicle applications and mission roles for their medium and heavy fleets.”

Navistar Defense will deliver Load Handling, Line Haul Tractor, and Off-Road Tractor prototype systems that will be assessed through government evaluations and Soldier Touchpoints (STPs) to achieve the U.S. Army’s desired characteristics.

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