New High-Performance ATR Enclosures Aligned with the SOSA™ Technical Standard Announced by Pixus

Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, has released new 1/2 to 3/4-size ATRs aligned with the SOSA  Technical Standard. These chassis support multiple 3U OpenVPX in various slot profile configurations. 

The new Pixus ATRs come in versions that hold VITA 48.2 conduction-cooled boards in up to 12 and 10 slots, respectively. Depending on the application environment, they have supplemental airflow over the fins inside the sidewalls for enhanced cooling up to 100W/slot. The airflow is achieved with dual MIL-grade fans or via an interface to the platform’s air conditioning system. Backplanes are available in various sizes and configurations for multiple OpenVPX/SOSA profiles and speeds up to 100GbE and PCIe Gen4 (higher speeds are optional upon request). 

The Pixus ATRs are designed to the latest MIL 810, MIL 461, DO-160, and related specifications. There is space below the backplane for routing RF and fiber interfaces to the front panel along with Pixus’ standard SHM300 SOSA Aligned chassis manager. Tempest and special filtering are optional. Pixus tailors each solution to the customer’s application requirements by leveraging these proven platforms. 

Pixus offers SOSA Aligned chassis platforms in ATR, MIL rugged rackmount, and lab/test formats. Cooling configurations are available in conduction, airflow over conduction fins, Air-Flow-Through (AFT), Air-Flow-By (AFB), and liquid cooling. With SOSA backplanes, enclosures, chassis managers, and partners for power supplies and plug-in cards, Pixus can provide a complete SOSA Aligned solution for customers.   

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