Tagore Technology Introduces Compact, High Power, High-Performance Single Channel High-Power Receiver Module for 5G Macro Base Stations

Tagore Technology Inc., a pioneer of high-power GaN-based RF switches, announced the TSL8029N, a high-power receiver module with an integrated receiver protection switch and low noise amplifier in a single package. The new compact, high-performance receiver module is designed to address many challenges in 5G macro base station implementation.

The TSL8029N integrates a high-power GaN RF switch and GaAs low noise amplifier (LNA) to

harness the advantage of the high-power handling capability of GaN and the low noise capability of GaAs process technology. The fail-safe switch can handle 100W average power with 8dB PAPR in Tx mode. The LNA consists of two stages, with bypass mode for the second stage to improve the overall dynamic range of the receiver. The Rx mode has NF of 1.3 dB with 33 dB of gain at 3.6 GHz with an output third-order intercept point (OIP3) of 33 dBm when the part is tuned for 5G Band n77. Bypass mode has 14dB LNA gain.

Klaus Buehring, Tagore Technology’s Chief Sales and Marketing officer, said: “This is the first

 module in the industry where a high-power fail-safe switch and an LNA are integrated into a small 5mm x 5mm package. The TSL8029N significantly improves receiver performance and shrinks total board space requirement while drastically reducing design time for our customers compared to traditional PIN diode-based solutions that require many external passives, high-voltage biasing, and high bias current. Moreover, the new device can be tuned for different 5G frequency bands with a change in BOM to simplify component supply chain management”.

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