Wearable Devices Debuts Mudra Licensing, a New Program for Businesses

The licensing program enables leading manufacturers to customize Mudra technology touchless control for their products.

Wearable Devices Ltd., a technology growth company specializing in AI-powered touchless sensing wearables, announced the launch of its licensing program for the B2B market.

The program provides for a royalty-based license agreement where original equipment manufacturers will have the right to customize a reference design version of the Company’s award-winning Mudra gesture technology to meet the specific needs of their business.

The Company’s proprietary technology is at the forefront of gesture recognition, using AI-based touchless sensing wearables to control devices with hand gestures. With the launch of the Mudra licensing program, Wearable Devices is positioned to significantly expand its addressable market by enabling businesses to develop their own co-branded touchless control products.

“Mudra licensing is a significant leap forward for the entire industry,” said Asher Dahan, Chief Executive Officer of Wearable Devices Inc. “Our revolutionary technology is not just about what we can create, but what the entire industry can create together. The Mudra licensing program is set to democratize this crucial technology, allowing businesses of all sizes to take their products to the next level with touchless controls. This is an opportunity for businesses to innovate and build on the foundations we’ve laid.”

The Company invites businesses to tap into the power of Wearable Devices’ robust, AI-powered technology through the Mudra licensing program. Licensees will benefit from a head start in the competitive touchless control market, with the ability to innovate and design their unique products while benefiting from the support and guidance of Wearable Devices’ expert team.

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