Unigen Launches Compact Edge AI Computing Solutions

Unigen Corporation is launching its first Compact Edge AI Servers (Product Name: Cupcake) at the 2023 AI Hardware and Edge Summit. Unigen has leveraged its hardware and software design capabilities and vertically integrated manufacturing to deliver a complete Edge AI HW solution to the market. Through its partnerships with multiple hardware and software AI partners, Unigen offers a menu of choices to fit the needs of various end customers and markets.

 Unigen’s Cupcake Edge AI Server delivers a reliable, high-performance, low-latency, low-power Machine Learning and Inference AI platform in a compact and rugged enclosure. Cupcake integrates a flexible combination of I/O Interfaces and expansion capabilities to capture and process video and multiple types of signals through its Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) ports. Then, it delivers the processed data to the client over a wired or wireless network. Neural Networks are supported by the leading ISV providers, allowing for a highly customizable solution for multiple applications.

The compact Cupcake Edge AI server is powered by an Intel Elkhart Lake 4-core Atom Processor matched to AI modules from multiple leading companies building the latest cutting-edge AI processors. At launch, Unigen has announced partnerships with AI companies, including Blaize, Hailo, Degirum, and MemryX.

Cupcake is a small form factor fanless design in a ruggedized case perfect for environments where Visual Security is important (e.g., secure buildings, transportation, warehouses, or public spaces). External interfaces included are Ethernet, POE, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB Type-C, CANbus, RS232, SDCard, antennas for WIFI, and internal interfaces for optional M.2 SATA III, M.2 NVMe and SO-DIMMs. The flexibility in IO renders the Cupcake Edge AI Server suitable for multiple applications and markets.

“Our Cupcake Compact Edge AI Server is the first in a new line of products for Unigen,” said Paul Heng, President and CEO of Unigen. “By bringing Unigen’s world-class design and manufacturing capabilities to bear upon the world of Edge AI combined with software for a complete solution, we believe we can help our customers solve some of the largest issues they are facing using modern low-latency Edge AI.”

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