American Rheinmetall Unveils Best-in-Class 30mm Cannon on Robotic Combat Vehicle to Demonstrate Mobile c-UAS Excellence

Rheinmetall, a leader in advanced defense technologies and solutions, is taking the mobile counter-UAS fight to the next level at this year’s Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting. Rheinmetall is showcasing the exceptionally lethal, precise, and versatile Skyranger 30, the world’s most advanced c-UAS turret, with the combined speed, mobility, and unmanned capability of Textron Systems’ Ripsaw M5 robotic combat vehicle (RCV). Skyrangers can secure the air space and mitigate UAS threats in the most austere and contested battle spaces, including autonomously at the tactical edge when integrated into an unmanned ground vehicle. 

Using best-in-class cannon systems means that Skyranger can stand its ground against swarming attacks. With Textron’s M5, Skyranger can be deployed alongside ground forces or for stationary vital-asset protection. The Skyranger can protect mobile units on the march or critical fixed infrastructure and facilities from loiter, pop-up, and dive attacks. The Skyranger 30 variant represents a significant leap ahead in c-UAS technology by coupling 360° air and ground surveillance with an autonomous 30mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun®, Oerlikon AHEAD® airburst ammunition, and short-range air defense missiles. The 30mm revolver gun provides ultimate firepower and precision at 1,250 rds/min, and when combined with the dynamically programmed airburst ammunition, enhances the probability of hitting even the smallest micro and nano drones. 

Skyranger can independently generate its local air picture while its open architecture C2 system (Skymaster), IFF, and data link can seamlessly integrate into higher-echelon systems such as FAADC2. As the threats evolve, so will the Skyranger. Also available as a 35mm variant, the Skyranger family offers the most modern mobile defense against current and future battlefield air threats.

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